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Totes not a votes, LOL.


Votes that turn out not to be votes, upon closer inspection.


There are things you learn, dealing with voter rolls and election data. This is one of them.

You almost can't trust what a state says about who voted or not.


A voter was given credit for an election that didn't even happen yet, a civilian was the one to find it, 2 years after the fact. 


A woman voted and they credited her son with the vote. Found by citizens who were looking for 2-state voters.


Voter accidentally credited with a vote.  Found by citizens who were looking for 2-state voters.


2 voters got mixed together between two different counties, their histories got mixed up, and they made someone who didn't vote look like they did. Found by citizens who were looking for 2-state voters.


Lady rolls in to register, they mark her down as having voted. Detected six months later when citizens noticed a possible 2-state vote.



You can put your ballot in someone else's ballot envelope, THEY get credit for the vote, and no one notices until citizens detect a 2-state vote 8 months later.



Weeks after an election, they were scanning paper poll-books and accidentally scanned someone who didn't vote. No one noticed until citizens found it, over 2 years later. How do you know anyone else actually voted?

Actually, this county used this exact SAME reason to bless away 2 different cases of 2-state voting.

Yes, they just copy-pasta'ed the response email and changed the voter's name.

If you know who uses SURE, I'm sure you can figure out what state this is.


Training data for poll workers got uploaded to their production election database and actually credited people for votes. How many registrations were credited for votes that didn't happen? You will never know. Found by citizens, 8 months after the election.